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Services we provide: Software Development, Team Extension, Software Maintenance

Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development

Liemur was founded in 2003 as a software development consultancy in London. We’ve grown steadily since then but our aim remains the same to deliver business driven IT solutions that match customer needs. The company was founded with an international flavour from the beginning, by two technology experts:  Sylvain Liege PhD, who used to be a Frenchman, and Cliff Murphy, the Englishman.

Software Development Working Process

How we work

We aim to deliver IT solutions that deliver value to your business.  To do this we will:  Listen to you and learn and understand your business needs before working on any solutions; Put forward a range of solutions; Reduce risk through adopting a continuous delivery model; Reduce costs by using a mixture of our own local and near-shore development personnel.

Software Development Services


Liemur provides a distinct set of services that cover the majority of business needs for successful product and system development.

  • Software Development Service

  • Team Extension Service

  • Software Maintenance Service

Software Development Clients


Liemur was established in 2003. During all these years we have served, with unbroken success, companies from the banking, financial and public sector industries.

We have acquired a huge experience on various types of projects. It is this experience that we offer to our clients for their satisfaction. We'd love to count you within our list of happy customers!  

Our Own European Offshore Solution

Our Own European Offshore Solution

You need Quality Software at affordable price! Have you ever thought of using development teams in Hungary? Choosing Budapest as the location for our offshore Design & Development Centre is the culmination of both a number of years working with local and offshore project teams and extensive research into the question of how software is developed efficiently.

Affordable Software Development

Our IT Fair Trade Charter

Liemur has been in business for 10 years. In all these years, we have served many customers to their total satisfaction. We have been profitable every single year, through bullish and bearish markets. To achieve that result, we have a secret: Fair Deals! We believe in IT Fair Trade! We believe in win-win deals! How does that work and what does it mean for you?

Company News

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"Sylvain has the ability to innovate and drive ideas through. He is very organised, professional and analytical, adding precision to the project management discipline. He has also been an excellent team leader who communicates clearly and builds trust. He is very accomplished in managing conflict and managing change."

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